Food & Beverage Preventative Maintenance Walk-throughs & Solutions

Sign up for a confidential walk-through of your facility at no cost to make sure you have the right system of product solutions in place. We’ll work with you to keep your business running as efficiently and safely as possible.

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What our walk-throughs & solutions offer

Liquid ingress protection for increased safety and efficiency.

Protection against corrosion and contamination.

Assurance that your facility has the highest standards in food safety.

Increased savings and decreased costs by reducing required downtime and maintenance.

The Value of Our Preventative Maintenance Walk-throughs Can’t Be Overstated

When we conduct a walk-through of your facility, we do more than just assess its conditions. We offer solutions that have a track record of providing positive, indisputable results.

Improve food
safety practices

Identifying potential contamination or safety risks can help save lives.
Our walk-throughs help food & beverage plants implement and maintain crucial safety practices.
Having high food safety standards helps build trust with customers.​
Food safety precautions are critical in preventing costly recalls.

Decrease downtime

Walk-throughs can lead to a decrease in downtime of up to 50%.
Downtime in production environments can cost thousands of dollars per hour and lead to significant waste.

Generate cost savings

On average, a food recall results in a minimum loss of $10 million in direct costs.
Maximizing uptime and safety significantly reduces overall costs.
Reduce maintenance costs caused by recalls, safety issues, and downtime.
Preventing recalls is necessary to help generate savings.

100% No Cost and 100% Confidential

Our walk-throughs come at no cost and include an NDA to give you peace of mind. Stay up-to-date with industry standards while keeping your facility’s inner workings private.

What you can expect from one of our walk-throughs:


Before conducting a walk-through, ABB assessors will review a facility’s installation system assets and challenges.


A walk-through is conducted. Walk-throughs average between 2-4 hours per 200,000 sq ft.


If any existing or potential threats to a plant’s uptime and profitability are found, a Final Value Proposition document is prepared.


There’s no obligation to implement the solutions. They can be used to support new initiatives or be integrated into an organizations’ existing plans.

Preventative Maintenance Walk-through

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